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12 wacky summertime activities your kids will love

If you read the average article about what to do with your kids this summer, you’ll see the same old thing. Go to your local swimming pool. Check out a library. Write on the sidewalk with chalk. Well, all we can say is…DUH! If you haven’t thought of those activities already, I just don’t even know what to say to you!

Twelve unusual kid activities that are anything but boring

We’ve dug deep and have come up with summer fun ideas that you’re NOT going to read about in most other articles! And just for fun, we’ve paired each activity with a fantastic snack made from Circle B Smoked Sausage, to keep anyone from getting “hangry” along the way.

Make a weird food dish from the 50s and 60s

Tuna in a gelatin mold? Mock Apple Pie that replaces apples with…Ritz Crackers? Some zany, wacky recipes from the 50s and 60s leave us scratching our heads now. Recreate one of these disturbing dishes and keep the kids laughing for hours. The caveat: EVERYONE in the house has to try one bite, at least. Videotape the tastings for a little show ‘n tell on social media later!

Snack to accompany weird food dishes:  let’s face it – no one’s going to actually EAT the strange recipe, only take funny pictures of it and gag while they taste it. So go ahead and whip up a batch of Circle B Smoked Sausage Jambalaya and have it handy for when everyone’s ready for some REAL food.

Make an upside-down face on your chin and have a puppet show

This activity will have adults and children laughing like crazy. As this video demonstrates, you create eyes on your chin, something that resembles hair like pipe cleaners or yarn, and then the magic begins. Then, lay upside down on some piece of furniture that allows people to see you. Drape a towel over your nose and eyes – and start talking and moving your mouth all around. Your whole family will crack up – and again, this activity is definitely video-worthy!

Food to accompany silly upside-down chin face: a cool activity deserves a spicy snack. Try serving tortilla roll-ups made with Circle B Hot Links. 

Celebrate a random holiday by having a parade around the neighborhood

This calendar shows some of the most off-the-wall holidays you’ve ever seen. World Beard Day. Elephant Appreciation Day. National Catfish Month. Let your kids pick the zaniest holiday they can find, and then COMMIT. 

Put signs up in your neighborhood and flyers in their mailboxes as to the date and time of your parade. Make costumes, decorate a wagon and bicycles, buy candy to throw to the neighborhood kids. Make sure you have plenty of signs that you can show people as your “parade” marches by the neighborhood. Heck, if you give neighbors enough notice and invite them to attend, you might just have yourself a neighborhood event people will be talking about for months!

Food for the silly, random parade: this snack needs to be filling and easy to prepare. Invite the neighbors over afterward for a grilled Circle B Smoked Sausage, hot off the grill. Many like these grilled whole so that the casing gets a good char and snaps open ever so slightly. It’s a perfect ending to a perfectly weird day.

Play a funny, gross prank on a family member 

Now – this prank is NOT for the faint of heart. And to be honest, it’s probably something only Dad or the pesky little brother will truly enjoy. But somebody in your household will crack up and probably laugh for days over a good prank.

There are actually recipes on the internet for making fake poop and fake vomit. Whip up some of that nastiness, and then leave it sitting on the kitchen counter, on the floor in the bathroom, or right outside the front door. Moms will probably kill us for this one, but I guarantee you’ll get a huge cackle out of at least one family member.

If the gross and tasteless path isn’t for you, you could always order a prank kit, replete with a whoopie cushion (hours of fun there), sneeze powder, and the ole’ fake rubber roach gag. With many pranks to choose from, the joke can go on and on for days and months!

Food for funny, gross pranks: I’m not sure anyone will have much of an appetite after experiencing such a silly, gross escapade. But you might as well keep the weird going on by grilling up something you’d never think of – but will actually love. They call it a Swineapple, and it’s delicious!  

Pranks and parades and party food, please

As you can see, we weren’t kidding when we said you’ve probably never thought of any of our weird, unusual summertime activities to entertain the whole family. But the best entertainment in the world is a good ole’ belly laugh – and that’s exactly what this article is all about! 

After all – a family that laughs together, stays together…

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